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Kim Kardashian's Startup ShoeDazzle Gets Bought, But Investors May Not Be Thrilled
By carryyoshi, 23.08.2013, 15:55

Today, married to a businessman and a mother of two, Madhoo Shah is a fashionista like no other. She sports luxury brands with elan and it seems has a fetish for the same brand as Kim Kardashian! Madhoo who was spotted attending the opening of her good friend Queenie Dhody's jewellery store, was spotted in the same Lanvin dress that Kim Kardashian was seen wearing while pregnant. Of course, Madhoo is about ten sizes smaller than a not-pregnant Kim, something we're not sure bodes well with this voluminous outfit! Meanwhile, Kajol Devgn who is now 18 kilos lighter than she was some time ago, has been taking her time making one shockingly gorgeous appearance after the other.

our editor recommends PHOTOS: Craziest Celebrity Baby Names He brought up the philosophy of his grandfather, who he said recently passed away, as an influence on his approach to life and relationships. "His whole thing was joy," West said, drawing cheers from the studio audience. "She's my joy, and she brought my new joy into the world. There's no paparazzi and there's no blog comments that's going to take that joy from me." PHOTOS: 10 of Kim Kardashian's Curviest Maternity Outfits The couple welcomed their first child, West's "new joy," North West, in June. West's full interview on Kris, his first television sit-down in years, will air on Friday.

Kanye West Calls Kim Kardashian 'My Joy' on Kris Jenner's Talk Show (Video)

Only Kourtney was supportive of Kims placenta-eating idea. I want to have a third child just to eat the placenta, the mother of two declared. Its unclear if Kim did really eat her own placenta as she had planned to. It might seem gross for some, but mothers eating their own placenta arent really rare.

Kim Kardashian Admits She Wants To Eat Her Placenta + How To Cook Placenta [VIDEOS]

The merged company will have 33 million users and users can also purchase one-off items on the site. Now that ShoeDazzle and JustFab have merged, another question remains: What will happen to Beachmint, the third rival in the LA accessory war? Earlier, there were talks of Beachmint and Shoedazzle joining forces , but those fell apart. Both Lee and Goldenberg laughed and replied, "Good question!" when asked. "We like BeachMint," Goldenberg replied.

Kanye West: Kim Kardashian is my joy

talking about her daughter in her show ,what else do you expect? she is the woman mama and the baby grandmother , and the poor mama-pimp is the only guest she can have ,I don't think Hollywood accepts this pimp at all! I bet all her guests are going to be black like her daughters they like only rich ,famous, black dudes what a family .....she is all about money and ratings the whole family too! August 23, 2013 at 1:43 am | Report abuse | Reply Mike Egypt burning, Chemical Warfare in Syria, Increase in unemployment, American Economy Waning, Decline in moral values. Bravo!

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